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The "I want to be a miserable basket thread"

pinnopinno Posts: 38,221
edited December 2012 in The bottom bracket
censored your Merry Christmasses and Happy New Years and Best Wishes for 2013.

Nah, i'm sick as a dog.
I missed out on a Christmas day bike ride.
There won't be any party for me on new years because of my current condition.
No one did a switcheroo and bought me a bike on christmas day.
Willhub is miserable and its contagious - the cybernet can transfer atoms through the modem.
The bacteria in my system is thriving at 37 degrees and I don't fancy cryogenics to kill it.
The relatives and inlaws bought my two girls piles of battery operated plastic junk that plays tunes coupled with squeaky American accents and garish flashing bits and they don't play with it but its got to sit there until its forgotten about before I can chuck it out/donate it and its causing friction with the OH and now she won't leave me alone in the house.
The cream in victorias sandwich was dodgy and its on top of the thick thick greeny brown sticky stuff that my body is producing in alarming abundance/volume/rate/consistency/taste.
2012 was such a horrible wet year, a decade of drought is unlikely to cure me of the precipitation hangover and its very unlikely to happen anyway which adds to the misery.
I coughed so much last night my stomach muscles are sore.
I wanted to talk about coffee but I can't taste anything at the mo anyway.

There - thats off my chest (unlike the thick, greeny brown sticky stuff) :(
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"This year will be harder than last year. But that is good news; this year will be easier than next year."


  • SecteurSecteur Posts: 1,971
    We wouldnt get on. I think I am genetically programmed to always be happy and cheerful!

    Now turn that frown upside down!
  • tim wandtim wand Posts: 2,945
    You aint a genuine Pinarello your one of those Generic Chinarello's with a copy of the Xiang times in your headtube
    The Pinarello's I know are made of better stuff.

    Either that or your maundling over the absence of Cleat.

    If auld aquaintence be forgot....... Aggie/ Yossie please not Cleat too
  • willhubwillhub Posts: 821
    Last night I was almost suffocating in bed, I could not lay down, thought my "cold" was getting worse, woke up this morning and my chest is much better, it's drier, a bit of an itchy cough, maybe this means I'll be back on the bicycle tomorrow.
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 7,213
    Go and take a dip in the Ouse, that'll wake you up.

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  • willhubwillhub Posts: 821
    I'll die of ancient diseases.
  • What a happy bunch!
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    Determined to support the worthy cause of being a miserable basket today but went out blue skies sunshine warm spring like day and forgot, sorry.

    Will try harder tomorrow :D
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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