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trek frame query?

cj95cj95 Posts: 8
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Hi there

I have myself a 2006 trek 6500 mtb that previoulsy had 80mm manitou axel elite forks on it. I want to upgrade the forks and if possible increase my travel to 100mm. I contacted trek about this and they advised that I didn't put a larger fork as it 'may' cos stress to the frame. I know later models of this frame had 100mm forks as standard. So does anyone have a better answer for me or had passed experience on doing something like this and if so was there any problems.

Thanks in advance


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    I don't think it would cause any problems. The axle to crown length is more relevent than actual travel. If they are similar it won't affect the geometry of the bike.
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