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hello I'm looking to buy a giant defy 1.Can someone help me about the size that fits me. M or M-L My height is 178 cm and my inseam is 83.5 cm
thank you in advance


  • Seriously, go and try one. If you are buying a new road bike, particularly if it is your first (which I'm assuming it might be), I would strongly advise against buying blind. There might be a bike that you like more. My guess however (having had no experience of this bike whatsoever) would be that you would want the smaller size, but that is a punt.
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    According to the Giant sizing chart for the Giant Defy 1, you are between those sizes. Normally it would be wise to try the smaller of the 2. But you should test ride any bike before committing. So if you are buying online, make sure you check out the returns policy and that you have a test period in which to return it if you chose the wrong size.
  • I am 179 cm high with an 82.5 cm inseam and ride a M Defy which fits well. If you did have to buy without being able to try, I think the M is more likely than the ML to be suitable for you, but trying to get a ride, even if just on a turbotrainer is good for confirmation.
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    Sizing seems to be such a personal thing that you really should try one out.

    I recently bought a Defy 3 without trying it. I'm just over 6'2" and I'm used to having to buy the largest size for anything where height is a factor so I ordered the XL without thinking too hard. After I ordered it I saw posts here from people only half an inch shorter than me saying that the L was too big. I started to panic that I'd ordered the wrong size but in fact it seems to fit me perfectly. The conclusion I would draw from this is that it's much safer to try them for size than to rely on sizing charts. I was lucky but it would have been frustrating if the bike I had looked forward to getting so much had been too big.
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    Im 1.77m and ride a Giant Defy 4 size M. No problem at all.
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