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Protection for Separated Shoulder?

Jimx26Jimx26 Posts: 147
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Hi All,

I am currently 8 weeks post op for a grade 4 separated shoulder, the physio tells me I still have a way to before I am back on a bike but I am starting to make plans for when I am. I know some will say MTFU but I will feel a lot more confident if I had some sort of protection that may help prevent something like this again and also if I had another 8 weeks off work I will probably get the sack :D

I am going to go on a skills course as well but was wondering if something like the Troy Lee 7850 would be suitable as it doesn't look as bulky as some of the other pressure suits? ... tedKingdom

My riding will be XC mainly Cannock and Nant Yr Arian, any other suggestions appreciated :D


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    I had a similar injury but with a broken collar bone and fractured shoulder blade as well. Bad times.
    Unfortunately although armour has pads on the shoulders it won't prevent any more than cuts and bruises (I was wearing a pressure suit when I mashed my shoulder) and is too heavy and hot for anything other than downhill.
    Best thing is to wait for the injury to heal, maybe just ride fire road routes until you're fully healed. You might get lucky, I was told 10 weeks minimum before I would be fully healed but after 5 weeks of really intense pain it all quickly got a lot better and I was back out after 7 weeks with the doctor's approval.
  • Jimx26Jimx26 Posts: 147

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah I will be taking it easy at first once I am back on the bike but I would be happier with some kind of protection when I am back on the trails. I was hoping the Troy Lee shirt would be ideal but if it doesn't offer much protection then I will save my money but perhaps re think where/how I ride.
  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    Talk to your physio about getting a proper shoulder support if you feel the need for it. Armour won't do anything for your particular problem, as RM said.
  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    Proper medical tape and strapping it up is likely the only support you can give it. All you can do is try and protect the ligaments from over stretching in a crash with strapping. I only have a class 1 sep and the joint still aches when I sleep on it but I have crashed on skis and bike since without problems.
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