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Please could anyone advise if I have to change or alter my chain?

I want to put my Shimano R501 wheels with 11-25 cassette from my Wilier La Triestina onto my Specialized Tarmac comp, and my Mavic Asksium wheels with 12-27 cassette onto my Wilier La Triestina.

The reason is that I am going to use the Specialized bike on my turbo trainer (thanks Santa) and wanted to use the Wilier as my winter road bike.

Hope this makes sense and any help would be appreciated, as I am rubbish at this.
Thanks in advance
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    If they've both got the same chainset (i.e. both standard or both compact) then unless either of the chains is on the long or short side they''ll be fine

    I have a wheelsets with 11-23, 12-25 and 11-28 cassettes and switch between then on the VN and the BMC with no problems.
  • Thanks for the quick reply that really helps
    Wilier La Triestina
    Specialized Tarmac Comp
  • It's depends how precise they were when trimming the chain length when they built the bike, but chances are you will need to add a couple of links to the Willier, or never use the front and rear big cog combination; but this is gong to happen even if just by mistake.
    The groupset set up instructions will tell you have to decide on chain length.

    You may also have to adjust the 'b-screw' on the rear derailleur so that it clears the big cog.
    There's a section here... ... derailleur
    Or again check the set up instructions for the specific groupset you have.