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where now?

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Suggestions please for a trip for my (adult) son and I. Both keen if not terribly good mountain bikers. our usual haunts are the surrey hills/swinley forest. Our recent trips have been Hadrians wall, 3days camping and the south downs way 2 1/2 days camping. Looking for something of similar standard and planning to camp again, taking everything on the bikes. I know there must be a million great rides so any suggestions gratefully considered.


  • Does it have to be touring?

    If not, my vote goes to Glentress.

    Stay at glentress forest lodges, you can either hire a wigwam, or just take the tent and camp.

    There is so much to do at Glentress for all abilities you'll be fine. A big group of us off here went earlier in the year and it was brilliant.
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    That sounds interesting, ill look into it, Thanks
  • fort william or you could travel around the north with laggan, learnie, moray monster as they are all close together and would make a good trip
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    I was wondering about fort William, Liked this months voodoo article about it
  • I really agree with the Glentress suggestion, as there's several day's worth of fun to be had if you've never been there before (you can even drive 15 minutes down the road and go to Innerleithen).

    However, if you're looking for a big tour, then Mountain Bike Routes UK suggest some interesting looking ones ( I've been looking at doing the Scotland Trail for a while now, but haven't quite built up the cojones for it...
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    Im recovering from a MTB induced dislocated shoulder at present so plenty of time to plan. Perhaps that should read ' a falling off an MTB induced....
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