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MTB waterproof jacket

mrbiker473mrbiker473 Posts: 98
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Im after a waterproof jacket to use whilst out on trail centre rides and on the moors. Ive about £40 to spend possibly upto £50. I think ive narrowed it down to the following 3 options, im not too bothered about colour or it having a hood. ... acket.aspx ... acket.aspx ... e=googleps

Anyone got any of these/ are they waterproof?


Edit: Or perhaps just a walking jacket? ... et-p199501


  • hi

    i have a dare2 b waterproof thin jacket and its ok for the money but nothing amazing

    have a look at this ... goryID=207
    the polaris rush at 34.99 rrp 70 it gets good reviews or go for a black altura night vision jacket as thats waterproof and it gets rave reviews. if your finding it hard to find a night vision jacket in your budget send me a pm and il help :):mrgreen:
  • Is the polaris of the same quality of the altura? Is the Inclyne similar too as i cant see any difference?

    P.s. you should have pm
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