Crud Road racer mudguards on bike rack?

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I don't expect this to start the most interesting discussion of the week, but wondered if any one has taken a bike fitted with Crud road racer mudguards on a bike rack on the back of their car? After the shenanigans of getting the damn things on and running smoothly, I don't want to remove them, but wonder if they are too flimsy to deal with wind resistance travelling up to 70mph.


  • regularly take mine on and off to get bike in car boot, it's a 5 minute job at most, they go straight back where they were with no issues, just undo the thumbscrews and put new zip ties on.
  • I toe-strap them to the wheel to take the strain off them rather than remove them all together, far too much of a hassle to take them on and off all the tim
  • i was wondering the same thing. but on my roof rack. think it might be ok if i strap the ends to the wheels
  • briantrumpet
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    It was fine when I just removed the end bit of the rear guard. The first time I did it I left that bit on, and though it obviously got tugged around by the wind, it wasn't damaged.