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Norco Range sizing

PhatphilPhatphil Posts: 5
edited March 2013 in MTB buying advice
excited by the first look on the range 650b
what was the size tested? how tall was the tester?
Evans website puts me as a Large
I reckon on the geometry I'm probably spot on for a med?

Also have you a 650b sight review coming up? -I saw one at the FOD a few weeks ago with a broken spoke and wondered whether it was a test bike?
thanks 8)


  • I am only 5.11 but I got the large as it is only 18.5inch frame
    carrera kraken
  • Thanks Mark
    its many miles for me to go and try one, I don't really like to be stretched out
    you are just about identical height to me so is it good the bike and the size?
    thanks :?:
  • b_realb_real Posts: 157
    I also am fairly excited by the Norco killer b's. 5'8" here and the Range in medium was pretty much bang on. Waiting for the Sight killer b to come in, it's a bit shorter on the top tube.
    Norco Sight Killer B

    Giant Trance X3 - stolen.
  • Do you reckon the xfusion stuff on the base models will be as good as the fox -its an awful lot cheaper?
  • Large feels spot on mate about 2" stand over and perfect reach to the bars for me I never tryed the medium coz the large felt right
    carrera kraken
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    Phatphil wrote:
    Do you reckon the xfusion stuff on the base models will be as good as the fox -its an awful lot cheaper?

    x-Fusion kit is ok and much better value than the fox equivalent but spares aren't too readily available and getting it serviced could be a problem.
    650B bikes are just too overpriced to be worth considering at the moment. You pay a lot extra for a very small difference in wheel size. Some of the back to back test I have read the testers couldn't tell the difference. Of course MBUK/MBR/WMB will all tell you that 650B is amazing and 26" wheels are finished but then they have advertisers to keep happy.
  • Thanks MarkM and Rockmonkey!
    presumably thats a 26inchRange Mark?
    maybe I should consider a 2012 26 whilst there still cheap?
  • concordeconcorde Posts: 1,008
    I went to Evans, sat on medum and a large. Large felt better to be honest but I've got slight issues buying large, don't know why. Would rather a bike slighty too small than slightlt too big. Guy in the shop said I could get away with either size! I wasn't convinced!
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    I rode my mates large Norco Sight last night. He is 6'4" and normally rides an XL, I'm 6'1" and ride a large and it seems to fit both of us perfectly. I think it's quite large for a large (does that make sense?)
    They are certainly larger than Giant's sizing.
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