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Spare Rear Wheel for my Bianchi

thegodplatothegodplato Posts: 319
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Hi, I'm thinking about getting a Turbo Trainer ot help keep my fitness levels reasonable during these cold dark months in prep for LeJog in April. I know that Turbo's can wear the rear tyre flat so was thinking about getting a spare wheel with a specific turbo tyre so I'm not ruining my road tyres. My Bianchi is Campag and I wondered what the best options are for a spare wheel. Don't want to spend a lot. Could I get a wheel with a Shimano cassette for the Turbo or will it not be compatible if this is a more cost effective option?
2012 Bianchi Via Nirone Xenon

960 miles in 8 days starting 6th April 2013


  • It will not shift properly, but do you care?
    I am assuming you use 2-3 cogs when turbo training, if you set it properly it will shift along 4-5 cogs before going out of range...
    Can you not find a second hand campy fitted wheel?
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  • Have looked on Ebay and hardly anything second hand and campag. Any ideas?
    2012 Bianchi Via Nirone Xenon

    960 miles in 8 days starting 6th April 2013
  • lawrenceslawrences Posts: 1,011
    Check your turbo actually wears your road tyre down before you spend money on a new wheel. You wouldn't want to spend money on a new wheel only to realise it's totally unnecessary. If you smell rubber it's time for a new wheel but if you get a good turbo that shouldn't happen.
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