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My 2013 Zesty 514

julesreece17julesreece17 Posts: 70
edited December 2012 in Your mountain bikes
Few pics of my bike, pre and post ride up Glyncorrwg today.

If its worked that is....[img][/img]dsc02831d.jpg


  • The zesty looks the business this year.
    What bike did you have before?
    How does it ride?
  • Hi mate, i do love the colour scheme of it, just looks immense!

    I only had a 08 GT Avalanche 1.0 previously, so this is my first FS bike, and its incredible.

    Took ages looking for a FS, and this basically ticked everybox, so just totaly blew my budget and went for it.

    The ride is fantastic, obviously i havent had any other FS to compare it to, but its just so good. Its like three bikes in one, with the lock out, trail setting, and descent settings on both front and back. Fully locked out, it climbs superbly, and fully opened, it just flies down hill, just gives me so much confidence its unreal.

  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    Not really a fan of the FSR style systems out there, but the 514 is without doubt one of the best looking bikes around this year, the colours are just perfect! (not that I'm a fan of lime green and bikes at all...)

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