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fitting chain guide to hollotech II b/b

mogulkilamogulkila Posts: 44
edited December 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
do i have to take the b/b off my bike so i can fit the adapter plate to fit the chain guide :?: :?:


  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    is it a BB to ISCG plate?
  • yes ,and also if i do have to remove the b/b do have to add/take out spacers ?
  • MTBUKMTBUK Posts: 146
    You have to take off drive side cup....... usually replace a spacer, with your chainguide. and voila
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  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    Easier just to get a BB mount chain device and replace a spacer with it. Why do you need to use an adapter? I've found them awkward to set up.
  • i never fitted a chain device before so thought the adapter plate would be the usual option,
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    In answer to you question, yes, you'll need to remove the BB (external it needs to be) and replace one of the spacers with the plate, then mount the ISCG chainguide to the plate.
  • are the spacers you are referring to fitted to the drive side of the bb ,as i havent taken the bb off yet on closer inspection there does seem to be a spacer/spacers fitted
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,810
    If your bike has a 68mm BB shell there will be one spacer on the non drive side and 2 on the drive side, if it's 73mm there will be just one on the drive side, either way replace the spacer nearest the frame on the drive side with mounting plate.
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  • had issues with this on my bike i havent over come yet fittign a BB mount Blacspire.

    Got a 73mm spacer drive side and when i replace it with the stinger the stinger is to close to the inner ring and the roller hangs over my bash guard.

    Found a thread about it here

    but its much confusing and i can't see a simple fix at the moment.
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    I'm about to fit an SLX double chainset with a 73mm BB (single driveside spacer also) and BB mount blackspire stinger to my bike today. I'll see what happens and report back.
  • thanks guys ,i'm just waiting for my bb spanner to be delivered and hopefully everything should go smoothly :D
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    Well it seems to have all fitted fine to my setup, Thewaylander, and the roller does protrude out from the bashguard a bit but the actual grooves for the chain sit correctly. What chainset do you have?
  • Hope BB and a race face deus XC i believe.
  • Is it possible for you bang up a piccy?
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    ill try now, gimme 10 minutes pal.
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,029
    Sorry, can't really get a decent enough photo to show it. How many spacers are you meant to run with that setup? I know GXP chainsets run no spacers at all with 73mm bottom brackets so stingers are out of the question. I have a feeling this is the case with race face also.
  • No one space, so it should be exactly the same hmmm
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Hope BB and a race face deus XC i believe.
    and that is your problem. bin the cranks or the frame or the device. they just dont work together.
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  • hmmm pricey
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