Problem fitting SKS P35s to a Triban 3

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Hoping some learned forum member can help with this. I'm fitting SKS P35s to my Triban 3.

However I can't seem to fit the get the bottom bracket fitting tightened. There is not enough clearance to use the 8mm spanner to hold to the nut while I tighten the bolt.

See: ... itting.jpg

Any solutions? Tried both ends of the spanner, pliers won't give me enough grip. :?


  • prawny
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    How tight does it need to be? Looks like you've got a decent enough grip on that one.

    Maybe pop down a hardware shop get a smaller nut and bolt and a couple of washers?
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  • I had a similar problem and ended up using a tie-wrap instead of the bolt. Worked well, and haven't had any problems.
  • morpho
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    Have you managed to get a mudguard on the front? The fork and brakes have very little clearance. Be good to know that these fit!
  • I got it tight enough to keep it on, but not enough to avoid it rattling. Zip ties would probably work yeah, can't see any way of tightening the nut and bolt without a really slim spanner.

    But in any case I could just about get the wheel on and it was stuck fast against the guard. Nowhere near enough clearance as far as I can see. Strange cause I talked to a guy on here who has P35s fitted to his Triban. Maybe the frame has changed?

    Raceblades it is!

    Thanks for the advice.
  • Can you turn it around and have the allen bolt head the BB side? Use a ball end allen key, may need to cut the bolt down to ensure it doesn't foul the tyre?
  • davem399
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    Did your SKS guards come with two brackets for the rear chain stay attachment, one straight (which is in your photo) and one with a curve? I have bought 2 sets this year and in each set I got two brackets. The curved one is bolted to the guard and this gives you a spring clip which then just pushes onto the bridge tube between the stays, so you do not need spanners or Allen keys. This useful where space is tight or there is no hole drilled in the bridge piece.
    I find it gives a secure and rattle-free fixing.
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    What size tribal do you have ? I have the 51 and I have had to fit the short raceblades as the clearance appears to be very tight, possibly as a result of the 650 wheels ?