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BB Spindle Length

beardwithabikebeardwithabike Posts: 195
edited December 2012 in MTB workshop & tech

I bought some Truvativ cranks that came off a recent jump bike. No real sign of any model name so unable to google around for this one easily.

I'm putting them on a DMR Sidekick Mark 2 which has a 68mm BB shell width. I need a square taper bottom bracket for a single speed set up but my question is, what spindle length do I need??

I have been hovering around the 108 or 113 and appreciate the difference would be 2.5mm in the chain line. Is there a way I can work it out? Does 2.5mm on single speed really matter that much?

I haven't bought my single speed conversion kit yet either so could always get one that allows me to move spacers around to line things up.

Thanks in advance for any help guys and girls!



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