Wiggle Stock Issues

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I've finally found something I can blame Wiggle for! :twisted:

I've been wanting to buy one of their Vaeon Roubaix winter jerseys for most of the winter but they've been permanently out of stock. It said 'Stock Expected Late Dec' for the past 4-6 weeks and now it's gone right back to March 2013!!! I want to give them my hard-earned cash but now I've got to find something else! :roll:

I'd be interested in what people involved in the retail industries think of this. I expect demand may well be higher than usual given the boom in cycling over ther summer, but I can only assume their suppliers have screwed up somewhere along the line for there to be this drastic a shortage. Wiggle have undoubtedly spent a lot of time and money designing, testing and marketing these items only for them to be out of stock for the vast majority of winter! I'd be a bit p!ssed if I was them and I was missing out on all that business.


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    If you're either extra small or extra extra large you can get one right now ;)

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    My wife has been trying to get a particular brand of padded shorts and been waiting for ever extending delivery dates.

    It seems the days of retailers picking up the phone and asking suppliers to knock out another 50 quickly have been replaced by a six month ahead order slot from a sweat factory in Asia.