Mutual respect on the road!

spangoolies Posts: 45
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I know this doesn't apply to everyone on here, but there are a few road cyclists that are ruining it for everyone. I was driving home today only to get stuck in a load of traffic that to my amazement was caused by a group of cyclist riding three wide! They were rightly getting abuse and giving a lot back. Now I'm a cyclist on both road and mainly off road and when in a group we always ride singlefile as we respect other road users. In the 20 years riding on the road like this I've never had problems with other road users. And when I'm driving and I see cyclists keeping left I make sure I pass with care. I'm sorry but anyone who rides thinking they own the road with no consideration to others deserves every bit of abuse they get thrown at them. They are helping to the increasing lack of consideration from drivers and ultimately more deaths of cyclists on the road. Drop the chip off your shoulders and think of others. End of rant.