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Which helmet cam? £100-£150

iamcamiiamcami Posts: 93
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Hey everyone. Merry Xmas!

Got great advice here just over a yr ago when buying my bike. It's done me well.

I'm now looking at getting a helmet cam. Thought it'd be fun to record some MTB stuff. Also good for the roads.

Iv narrowed it down to these 2 over the last week or so.

The contour roam £130 @ amazon

veho muvi HD £106 @ scan

The contour has the name which I think is more popular. The Veho comes with more accessories I think where as with the roam Im prob looking at another £20 for accessories. They both do 1080p and 720p. The Veho I think does 60fps at 720p where as the Roam has to be modded (not sure how reliable this is) to get it to capture at 60fps.

So is there anything else I should be looking at for around £100-£150?

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)


  • RandGRandG Posts: 779
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  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,920
    There is a firmware mod on the Roam to get it to record in 720 @60fps but you could also buy the Roam2 which does 60fps out of the box.
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  • Any thoughts on the "veho muvi HD"

    seems like a lot (comes with bunch of mounts) for the money I thought? just not sure on the qaulity

    check out this review, although it seems very biased
  • i dont own a cam at the moment but from what i know the gopro is very good, and argos has the gopro 3hero for 199
    i would say this is about as good a cam as you can buy at the moment and it has 100 of the rrp, and most of us has a argos in town so if their is any problems you can take it back.
  • i'd save up till i had £200 and buy the cheapest version of the gopro hero 3 white. it basically looks like it's a similar spec to the gopro hd (that i have) but has wifi built in, so it can connect to a phone to use as a view finder etc.

    actually i'd save up until i had £235 then i'd get the camera and the chest mount to go with it. imho helmet mount doesn't come close to chest mount and was one of the reasons why i went with the gopro

    i know it's quite a lot more than you said, but i wouldn't want to be in a situation further down the line wishing i'd spent a bit more. if you have it 3 years it's less than £30 extra a year
  • go with a gopro , you cant go wrong
    i bought second hand hd hero2 with 2 housings , lcd bacpac and few mounts for £130 , chest mount is the best but i bought it new for £25
    all from ebay
  • Oops, kinda forgot about this topic. You guys were most likely right.

    I got the Muvi HD I mentioned for about £95 in Dec. Then didn't like the helmet mount so spent an extra £20 getting the chest mount. The video quality was good. Wasn't great. Definitely no GoPro. But good enough. But the power switch went. Within two months. Iv seen someone on Amazon reviews or something mention the same issue. Getting it fixed which has been a bit of a pain with Scan. Will see how long it holds up.

    But next time I'm def getting a GoPro. I'll ride this one out for a while. Maybe eventually get the GoPro and use both somehow.
  • GoPro always seem to come out on top of any comparison.
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  • Anyone any views on bullet cameras? Thinking of ones from Hedcamz.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    Drift HD cameras are very good. Quality is as good as GoPro HD hero
  • hainmanhainman Posts: 699
    decathlon have just released one at 75quid or there abouts.....720p and looks like gopro.... ... #avantages
    even better is the 1080p version.
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  • john2002john2002 Posts: 158
    if you have got the money and you going to make good use of it (edit some nice videos etc) then go GOpro camera. many differnt mounts and they use it on tv programes like mythbusters so cant be bad.. you might be lucky and win one link. for others who are on a budget and cant justerfy speending the money. then heres a cheap alternative 808 #16 camera Link cons are its not water prof and you need to make some mounts for it. heres a review of the camera and some sample video. you tube their is also a program that you can load to your pc to config the camera. they are alway improving the program and adding more options.
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  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,305
    hainman wrote:
    decathlon have just released one at 75quid or there abouts.....720p and looks like gopro.... ... #avantages
    even better is the 1080p version.

    Bought one, love it.
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  • hainmanhainman Posts: 699
    97th choice it looks spot on,what one did you buy??
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  • iamcamiiamcami Posts: 93
    Got mine back now and luckily they gave me the special edition one back so bit of an upgrade. It does 16Mbit at 1080p compared to the 12Mbit one I had. Plus the option of the strange 960p res. One or two other features. Just better FW I think.

    Somehow I enjoy cycling more when I'm filming. :P

    Will post back here if power switch goes again.

    Aside from that issue the Muvi HD by Veho has been a nice cheap option.
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