What tires for winter

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Hi all am new to cycling, I have just purchased a new Giant Defy 2 Road Bike and was wondering what type of tire would be best suited for wet winter roads? Can anyone recommend a make and model?



  • smidsy
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    Covered this subject many, many times.

    Search is your friend!!!!!
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  • alihisgreat
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    It depends... I've found Continental GP4000s to be a great all-year tyre.. but you may find that your local road conditions require something tougher.
  • jonomc4
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    Fo winter I would go with the Continental GP 4 seasons. and the GP 4000s for summer - but also depends on road quality you generally ride on.
  • Briggo
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    Rubber ones
  • Cheers for all the advice, Continental G4Ps it is then