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Commuting On Bike During Winter Months

bandjwetbandjwet Posts: 2
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Recently I bought a new MRB for commuting to work in the winter. I would like to commute in the winter when it is between 15-45F. I have warn hood for underneath the helmet, a GORETEX jacket that will keep me toasty and lobster claw gloves for the hands.

I am looking for suggestions for my legs and feet.

Should I use foot warmers or go get winter cycling shoes?

Recommendations for the legs?



  • godders1godders1 Posts: 750
    Legs- either roubaix leg warmers under normal shorts or bib longs. When it's REALLY cold (i.e. a few degrees below 0) I have a pair of ladies merino wool tights that I wear underneath.

    Feet are for me the hardest to keep warm. On the coldest days I currently wear a thin pair of merino socks, a pair of woolie boolies and a pair of ski socks. Shoes are Northwave Celsius Artic (two sizes too big to accommodate socks and to leave a bit of an air gap). Feet still feel a bit chilly towards the end of my hour long commute. :shock:

    Never tried foot wamers.
  • jimmypippajimmypippa Posts: 1,712
    For that sort of temperature 15F (-9°C) then I wear overshoes and windproof trousers over my tracksters. This is good for my hour commute. I take an additional fleece in case I need to stop as that can get cold even a few degrees above freezing.
  • paul_mckpaul_mck Posts: 1,058
    was wearing track suit bottoms over my long bibs there before christmas lol.

    I wear trainers on the commuter so keep warm enough with thick socks.
  • simon_esimon_e Posts: 1,697
    Unless you are absolutely set on using clipless pedals then try some hiking boots. I used mine when it was bitterly cold a couple of winters ago, they were warmer and more waterproof than my cycling shoes with 2 pairs of socks and neoprene overshoes.

    For covering the legs a second layer is the way. Ladies' tights apparently work well. I tried thermal longjohns but got too hot, so wear roubaix-type fleecy cycling tights, and if it's sub-zero I add a pair of Ron Hill type Altura tights on top.

    Put gloves etc on a radiator and don all your gear on before you leave the house so you start the ride with warm air trapped in the layers and you will have a better chance of staying warm.
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  • I've cycled down to -8 and used:

    MW80s (gortex lined SPD shoes)
    roubaix bib tights
    thermal base layer
    Altura Nightvision jacket (seriously boil-in-the-bag)
    long fingered gloves and Altura Cresta gloves over them
    merino wool socks
    buff for face and neck
    skull cap under the helmet

    To be honest the BIG difference was the skull cap - if you keep the top of your head warm it helps all over.

    My feet were slightly cold for most of the 12 miles so I've dug out my neoprene overshoes for this year
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  • paul_mckpaul_mck Posts: 1,058
    buff is brilliant, just pull it down a little more as you warm up.
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