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The absence of Prof. Cleat christmas quiz

pinnopinno Posts: 38,242
edited December 2012 in The bottom bracket
1) Where the bl00dy hell is he ?
2) What the bl00dy hell is he up to ?
3) Who the bl00dy hell is he spanking ?
4) Why the bl00dy hell did he go ?
5) How many bl00dy sides are there in a Dodecahexaquattrihedon?

Answers not on a postcard please.
S - The Brazilian beach volleyball team
W - Wiggle Honda

"This year will be harder than last year. But that is good news; this year will be easier than next year." President of Abyssinia's annual address to the nation.


  • tim wandtim wand Posts: 2,945
    After seeing Charlottes bizarre performance on Rossy (Totally upstaged by a proper looker/ Sienna Miller)

    This Weekend, and Baldings revelations in tne MOS You magazine (only thing to read at cafe stop this morning)

    that shes desperate to be able to says she's married rather than civily partnered I think he's gone of to join a monastic order for Christmas.
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