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Problems: Poor shifting & Chain suck behind cassette.

Nasty1Nasty1 Posts: 108
edited December 2012 in MTB workshop & tech

I have been suffering a few problems with poor shifting and chain suck down behind the cassette. I am running Shimano SLX 2x9 setup with XT cassette and chain.
My shifting problems are whenever I try to shift into the biggest ring on the cassette, after a very short time the chain will suck down behind the cassette and it does not matter how I set it up or the set the stop screws up to prevent over shifting. I get this no matter whether I am in the large or granny ring up front!

I am beginning to think that it is an accumulation of both chain alignment and chain tension. I have attached some photos to show both.

I would appreciate some ideas on what the cause maybe and also whether I can change the chain alignment by playing with the spacers on the BB? I have 2 on the chainwheel side and 1 on the other. Is it just a case of what I take out from one side I put back into the other?



Chain Alignment - big front to small rear

Chain Alignment - big front to big rear

Chain tension - big front to big rear

Chain tension - big front to little rear.


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