How much faster riding in a bunch?

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I do virtually all my riding on my and generally average 16-17mph on my 50 milers.

If I were to ride in a group of say 8-10 similar standard risers what could we expect our average to go up by?


  • markos1963
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    As long as you can stick close to each others wheels and do a fair share then no reason to get it up to 18-19mph for the same effort level. I generally ride at around 18-19mph and the club group I ride with can manage 19-20mph over 100 miles
  • cougie
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    Yes a couple of mph extra is to be expected. Depends how hard you push and what terrain too. Over lots of hills you get split up more.
  • stueys
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    The difference is huge, comfortably gain 2-4mph as a bunch plus a chunk of saved energy
  • You get drafting effect as well the motivational factor. Definitely will be faster than going along solo assuming the same effort level
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  • edhornby
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    as the others have said, an organised set of riders will be able to pound on and on

    when you are riding in a chain you are sharing energy so the sections that you aren't at the front you get little snatches of recovery, you don't slow down taking a drink etc
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  • DavidJB
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    25mph ;)