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Pedal Force TT Bike

colm_gticolm_gti Posts: 173
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I recently picked this up to add to my growing fleet, now 3 bikes strong along with and

Following a decent season of road racing at cat 4, I discovered not only the weaknesses I needed to work on for 2013, but also some of the events I performed well in....most of those being TT's! As a result, I figured I may hop on board the sky ethos and focus on marginal gains. With this in mind I figured I should invest in a TT bike. I had initially planned to pick up bits and pieces over the coming months and hang them all on a Ribble TT frame before the 2013 season really kicked off. That was until this popped up for sale locally for €950. I waited a few weeks before making a cheeky offer of €550....and a few messages later I was on my way to pick it up for €600 (minus the wheelset)! I couldn't say no....


It's a pedal force carbon TT frame with a full ultegra 6600 groupset, dura ace shifters, a one piece carbon profile design stem and base bar, and profile design carbon stryke aero bars.

Unfortunately the upward sloping aero extensions aren't to my liking, so I went out and picked up a pair of T2+ aero extensions to switch over to. I also took the opportunity to renew the inner and outer gear cables, and added some bar tape to tidy it up and add a splash of brightness to the bike....


Next on my list is a new pair of farsports 50mm tubs for road racing and TT's.....


  • colm_gti wrote:

    Have you got that hooked up to the lights? :wink:
  • colm_gticolm_gti Posts: 173

    Have you got that hooked up to the lights? :wink:
    We're not that bad off yet ;)

    Took it out for its maiden voyage first spin ever on a dedicated TT bike (as opposed to a road bike with clip on aero bars)'s certainly faster!!
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