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Rose Xeon CRS v Rose Xeon CW

dragon66dragon66 Posts: 18
edited December 2012 in Road buying advice
Can't decide between these two models from Rose.

Specifically the 2012 Rose Xeon CRS 5000 compact and the 2013 Rose Xeon CW-4400. The latter being a new aero model, but there is very little info out there as yet on the model. It is orderable now but not available until mid February.

My thinking is that the CW-4400 being aero and light is the best of both worlds. But the Xeon CRS is maybe going to be slightly more comfortable for longer rides.
Both are very similarly priced.

I mainly train for and take part in the hilly Sportives here and abroad. But may have a go at some local races and timetrials this year.

Any advice appreciated


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