HELP - FSA k force stuck in Shimano BB71 press fit

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i have made a small error and was unaware that the spindle of the FSA K-Force Light are larger in diameter thus will not fit into a BB71 pressfit adapter that is designed for Shimano Hollowtech II spindles."

Previously had a shimano 105 chainset fitted

need some advice, i think i too have learned the hard way as i have a FSA K Force light crank stuck in a shimano hollowtwch / 105 BB71 press fit bottom bracket !!

i was not a difficult job to get it in so dont imagine the difference in diameter is huge but neverthe less i am in a bit of a fix

i wondered if anyone has suffered the same issue and how you extracted the crank ....woould appreciate any advice cheers


  • nathancom
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    I would start with a penetrating lubricant, eg GT-85 or WD40
  • Shrink it with liquid nitrogen.
  • chris217
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    Done that already but Heston would not let me use it long enough !
  • nicklouse
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    the diameters are the same. more force needed or a bigger rubber mallet.
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  • chris217
    chris217 Posts: 218
    Thanks guys managed to remove it but was a lot
    Harder than removing the previous Shimano 105
    Chainset so something must be smaller somewhere