Lights question.

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2 hours ago I was stood at the side of the road, waiting for my bus to arrive. I then heard a cyclist go past, as you couldn't really see him.

It made me think, is there a law against cycling on one of the most busiest roads into Leeds city centre, at night, in rush hour traffic, with no lights, not even a reflective on the bike frame, dark clothes, no helmet?

Or is the only law about this "Dawins law of natural selection"?

Should people (and the cost to the A&E department) be protected from their own stupidity?
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  • sungod
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    riding without lights on a public road at night is an offence

    sadly lots do it, usually dressed in black or similarly lo-vis attire

    utter twats
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  • My main worry is if my lights fade into insignificance against the backdrop of a stream of headlights behind me.

    Any dark cloths I own I either don't wear at night or make sure i'm visible.

    Even if i was dressed all in black I have my luminous hump over my backpack, which helps no end.

    Very stupid to roll out sans lights though.
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    It always amazes me when I see cyclists, even at dusk, without lights let alone in the dark. But sadly I still see several!

    To answer the original question, as sungod said, yes it is against the law, but unfortunately any law is only any good if it's enforced in some way. In the case of lights on bikes it seems that the only "enforcement" is if the cyclist dies in an accident it's his/her own fault.
    At night your cycle MUST have white front and red rear lights lit. It MUST also be fitted with a red rear reflector (and amber pedal reflectors, if manufactured after 1/10/85). White front reflectors and spoke reflectors will also help you to be seen. Flashing lights are permitted but it is recommended that cyclists who are riding in areas without street lighting use a steady front lamp.
    Law RVLR regs 13, 18 & 24
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    Not seen anything quite that stupid but was nearly wiped out by a moron dressed in black on a roadie, whisper quiet at dusk on a pedestrian area in Plymouth yesterday. Was looking for a bus and neither saw or heard him. Not so much as an apology...
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    I am usually riding between 4:30 and 6:30 in the morning and while there is nobody around when I go out at the start of my ride, I am flabbergasted by the number of dark-garbed, completely unlit cyclists I encounter as I head towards home, from around 6am onwards. Completely invisible, as though they were deliberately camouflaged. Insane.