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Specialized Allez Elite 2011

outdawesfoxedoutdawesfoxed Posts: 22
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My lovely Specialized Allez Elite 2011 was pinched during a house break in near Bethnal Green, 20th December. Bit gutted, very nice bike.

Matches description here except fulcrum rims and Shimano SPD pedals : ... 9#features. Scuff on right side bar tape. SN:WSBC602207754G


Uploaded with

Thanks for any help


  • Found it on an ebay listing!

    Anyone know what to do from here? My local plice theft brach is shut until tomorrow!!
  • If its local, I would be tempted to ask to view.
    Take a "mate who knows about bikes" - the bigger the better.
    Once there, asses the situation, if its safe, then recover the bike there and then and report in due course.
    If it looks dodgy, retreat round the corner and phone 999 - I believe there are government guidelines in respect of turning up to 999 calls (regardless of type of call). Obviously *IF* there was a threat of on-going violence, then they get there even quicker!!

    Good luck
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  • Oddly, the bicycle was listed on the 25th, then delisted a few hours later as "no longer available". I've tried to contact the seller but no joy. Was listed for cash on collection. I found his facebook page too (some items he's sold on ebay pictured on the facebook page) and they look like a career thief.

    Will keep harassing the police into action.
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