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Fox 32 ctd 29 float 100mm

sam1villasam1villa Posts: 4
edited December 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
hi guys im new to the forum and to the world of mountain biking so a little help would be much appreciated,
i recently purchased a cube ltd sl 29" i love the bike however im having issues with the amount of travel on "climb" setting which is supposed to be firm but unfortunately they are far from it.
i have set the SAG according to fox's website, the correct psi for my body weight should be 90 however the travel whilst attacking a hill is truely awfull i have been adding pressure and am now up to 110 psi this is the max i can find on their website i dont want to add anymore just in case.
would anybody have any hint/tips on this issue?
can a lockout be fitted to these forks??

thanks in advance



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