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my "DOG" and my "Benz"

chippyboychippyboy Posts: 4
edited December 2012 in Your road bikes
Here is my loved 2 bikes, the dogma 2 and the C59

Almost all of it using the same component, and bora ultra 2 as the wheel.



  • dwanesdwanes Posts: 954
    The C59 looks amazing, not too keen on the Dog though. The best paintwork for the Dogma is the all Yellow one from the TDF.
    Which one do you prefer to ride?
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    They are both facing the wrong way...
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  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    I love Dogmas.. just not the blue and black ones!
  • NapoleonD wrote:
    They are both facing the wrong way...

    LOL. I had to grab my inhaler. :lol:
  • nice. I like the look of the dogma.
  • two great bikes but that scaffold pipe seat lug on the Colnago puts me off what is probably a great bike. nice backdrop, do you live in Huddersfield?

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  • joe.90joe.90 Posts: 171
    Wow!!...Very nice bikes!

    Your obviously very poor.
  • Must be really depressing opening the garage to see those to be you! :)
  • Hi guys,

    I live in Indonesia, hehehe, i guest that is far far away from where you guys live.

    Which one do i prefer riding? they both gives me joy when riding. However, above the fact of where the frames are actually made (that people always keeps on talking about), i personally think they both have their own advantages.

    The "dog"
    1. Very stable handling
    2. Very stiff
    3. Power transfer to the pedal is the best from every bike i have tried (truely a race machine)

    The "benz" C59
    1. Very smooth feeling (just like driving a european car :)), excelent riding experience
    2. Great handling
    3. Climbs very well

    Above all that, which one do i prefer? hard to choose, but i have to go with the Dogma (regardless what people say that it is made from taiwan and finished in Italy) because it is the bike that we are riding and pedalling, no matter what is is made from and where it is made.

    C59 is classy and gives you excelent feeling especially the road condition in my country is not good at all. But it just don't run like the dogma.

    i have ridden several bikes, including Giant TCR advanced, cervelo R3, Time rxrs, Spezz SL4, Cervelo s2, Willier Cento uno superlegera, C59, and the Dogma2. Above all that, these two bikes are the one that i love the most, they just works for me :)

  • TrikemanTrikeman Posts: 151
    nice backdrop, do you live in Huddersfield?

    It took me ages to stop laughing at this,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and I don't know why??????

    Regards, and thanks for the giggle - classic.

    Trikeman. :wink:
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