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2013 Lapierre Zesty 514

handsome devilhandsome devil Posts: 194
edited December 2012 in Your mountain bikes

My new toy!

Picked her up last Monday but didn`t get a chance to ride her until yesterday. Very happy :D:D
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  • Pesky JonesPesky Jones Posts: 2,986
    Sweet bike, nice colour scheme!
    :D:lol::)cooldad :shock: :? :cry:
  • Nice bike :D ..nice view :lol:
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  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    Very very cool
  • ah, i got this....its lush. Love evry bit of it, and cant stop cleaning it lol

    Best bike ever.....
  • See you got it in the end, looks lovely.
    I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered, been told January for the EI versions.
    What size did you go for in the end? and how tall are you?
    I'm 5'9" and have ordered the medium, but have heard they are coming up small this year.
    Have got any observations on this this?
    I'm also toying with upgrading to the crosstrail wheels, how are you finding the crossrides?
    I can't wait for mine :lol:
  • Hi Paul,

    Yes, I made up my mind when you posted regarding upgrading to the FIT damper when having fork serviced. While Mojo don`t currently offer a CTD FIT upgrade at present, they will in the near future so that swung it for me!

    I am sooo pleased I went for the 514. Colour scheme is outstanding, frame is beautiful, spec is also better than 2012. I am 5' 10" and Medium was difinitely right for me. Large was too big and it was a Medium 314 demo bike I had for two days anyway. I have adjusted the saddle back to its furthest point and it feels just right tbh.

    As for the wheels, the Crossrides seem fine, hubs run very freely. I realise the Crosstrails are a bit lighter but run the same hubs anyway - I wouldn`t upgrade until you run the Crossrides for a while. The clutch rear mech is fantastic, no chain slap and pretty much silent! The bike really does ride exceptionally well, very smooth, stiff and climbs really well considering there is 140/150mm of travel! As for descending, well you can probably guess just how well it does this :lol:

    As a matter of fact I didn`t envisage it riding so much better than the 2009 Stumpy FSR it has replaced :D

    You will not be disappointed!!
    2017 YT Jeffsy 27 AL Comp
    2016 Specialized Allez Elite DSW
    2014 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Sport Compact
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    Black and lime green is by far the best colour scheme for any bike imo, that is truly stunning. It's a shame I didn't get on with the few zesty's I tried, as they are stunning to look at and the spec is normally top notch.

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