Why does my arse hurt?

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So I thought I had sorted out my clip ins but after some more riding I'm getting very tight/worked left side of arse ie glutes

My question is this, could this be my clip ins being too far back on the shoe causing me to put pressure through the glutes instead of thighs where you should be getting power from?

Any ideas what could be causing this as I'm sure it's related to clip ins rather than weakness in muscle. (right side is fine as I feel thighs working when powering hard)

Thanks for any help
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  • Sounds like your muscles....

    There's all this rubbish about most efficient position etc.... But seriously, everyone is different and so when you cycle, find the best position for your feet (clip position on the shoe). The best position is the position YOU find most comfortable.... When you find it, tighten the clip and go ride.

    After that, if you're getting sore muscles is just because you're muscles are not built up enough for riding, so keep at it and they will get stronger and hurt less.