Kitchens For Sale Mansfield

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Does this include handlebar mount?


  • this should actually be in the ladies section..
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    Are they carbon, alu or Ti?
  • got to be a joke every time a kitchen is for sale its the users first post so I think somebody is having a wind up. Anyone rung the number?

    If you get through ask if he has got the new dura ace Di2 11 speed oven, apparently you can switch between the big fan and the little fan from hidden remote switches on the door handle. Quite fancy one as my old Sora Microwave has packed up and as for my Campag dishwasher dont even go there.

    But my 1960s brooks leather kitchen stools are fantastic
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    I don't know about these new fangled kitchens with electric - I prefer my kitchens to be cable operated.
    Faster than a tent.......
  • *fuck off with your 5hit mate just googled your phone number ... off-2.html

    must try harder pr1ck
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    next idiots that reply to spam will get banned for a week.

    it is pointless and makes a shedload more work than is needed.


    yes I do mean it.
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