White bar tape on a black bike - yuk!

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Owned my Spesh for a few months now which initially came with white bar tape and a white body geometry toupe saddle. Problem is, I have replaced the white bar tape with black; however, the saddle remains white. It doesnt necessarily need replacing but my bike looks a little odd without the coordinating colours of the bar tape. Shall I replace it with a black saddle, or just purchase white bar tape that doesn't get extremely grubby?



  • White tape will always get grubby, especially during wet periods. I'd say go black or just not care about it so much.
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    My Trek initially came with white/red saddle and white tape. I put black bar tape on for obvious reasons and the saddle looks just fine. I've tried loads of other saddles but I can't find anything as comfortable so I'm sticking with it. Sod the rules, comfort is what's important on a 5 hour club run.
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    Rule 8, very simple.
  • Same situation with me, same bike, same saddle. I'm planning to buy the toupe saddle in black. only £40
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    If you're cycling - you can't see the colour of the saddle.

    It's really only a problem if you're not riding the bike ?
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    If you do anything in your post you have way too much money and are a moron...

    Just ride the flipping thing!
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    Bobbinogs wrote:
    Rule 8, very simple.

    = the best possible reason to leave them mismatched that there is!
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    Sorted for a few quid.
  • White fizik tape can be easily cleaned with a bit of cream cleaner and a baby wipe. One set lasts me a year, even when using gloves with black leather palms. However that bloody stupid spongy/cork stuff is the most pointless invention ever. It’s designed to get dirty.
  • I have black and white tape on mine.

    It's not my fault, it's a Felt and it came that way. It's not stripey to the extent of a Newcastle United kit, just the odd white stripe every now and then.

    But the bike is white so it doesn't look as weird.

    Also, it's the corky spongy stuff... :(
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