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First post here. Advice required

Just upgraded to a Boardman Road Team from a Hybrid that I was running on Schwalbe Marathons in 700 x 28 in Winter

I now want to put some winter tyres on my road bike and I am not sure what to go for in terms of model and size etc 700 x 23 or 700 x 25.

There is about 4-5 mm clearance at the rear which maybe a factor.

Thanks in advance


  • ddraver
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    Conti GP 4 Seasons in 700x 25, bought from bike-discount.de. If you want a bit more comfort, put a 700 x 28 on the front.

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    m4ttc for every reply you will get a different response - if I were in the UK i'd be riding Conti's - I dont like the all-seasons they are just to rigid to give feel (IMO, and everyone's varies)

    but I would shout up for Conti GP 4000's and would put 23's on the front and 25's on the back
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    Stick some more marathons on if you liked them. They're ok.
  • Stedman
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    As the touring community also like marathons, they are certainly OK for winter use!

    Sorry I have just read your post again. For your winter road bike tyres I would go for something more robust such as Gatorskin, michelin Pro4 Endurance or Schwalbe Durano.
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    ILM Zero7 wrote:
    but I would shout up for Conti GP 4000's and would put 23's on the front and 25's on the back
    This is a race tyre in the UK, not a winter tyre! (I do have one on the front though..)
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    I can't see by Continentals. This chart gives their options http://www.conti-tyres.co.uk/conticycle/road.shtml
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    Boardman team comes with conti ultrasport which are fine for the winter. 4 season are better, but you could save cash and just upgrade the front. Its easy to cope with the loss of the rear, harder to cope if the front goes.
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    Thanks for the replies. My Boardman came with Vittoria tyres rather than contis

    I didn't know you could put different sizes on but suppose it makes sense.

    Might investigate them 4 seasons on the German website. Presumably that is the best price around?
  • I wouldn't recommend Gatorskins for winter - I've found them incredibly skittery in wet and cold. So much so I even resorted to a set of slightly knackered OEM Bontrager Ditch-Finders I had kicking about.
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    I'm running some cheapy wire bead ultra sports in a 23c at the moment - they have done 5k and have very little tread on them. I just take it easy on the bends and brake smoothly.

    If I was thinking 25/23 It would be the front that would get the 25.