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2013 Lapierre Spicy 516

M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
edited May 2013 in Your mountain bikes
My new Toy!

stuck on the Mavic STs from my old bike, and it's awesome!!!


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  • Very Nice! :D
  • I like that a lot!! :D
    Genesis Core 20- now sold
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    How do you rate the wheels? Do they support the tyres well? Nice looking bike btw :)
  • Wheels and tyres have been excellent, must stiffer since converting to 15qr and 142x12 though.

    Light and strong (just not cheap)
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  • Im loving the BMW M-Power style colours! Looks really nifty!
  • It's already been tagged the "lapierre s1000rr"!!
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  • M1llh0use wrote:
    It's already been tagged the "lapierre s1000rr"!!

    I had to "google" that!
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,782
    Bloody hell that's nice!
  • Yes.

    Yes it does.


    Rides surprisingly well on Xc stuff as well. Really surprising. AWESOME fun!!
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  • I wonder if SurfMatt has one of these... obviously it would be the 335d version with more torque.
  • I dare say his legs have more torques than mine.
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  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
  • Seen one of these in the 'flesh', so to speak. A great looking bike, and better value than last years, by a country mile. Without doubt, it's the old BMW M series colours :D
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  • Just to say, it's without doubt the best bike I've ever ridden.

    Pedals well uphill ,great on welsh trails, epic downhill. The MOST complete bike I've ever known!!!
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  • I am just about to purchase one of these but was waiting for a demo day to make sure i was making the right choice. can i ask, how tall are you and which size did you go for?
  • M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
    5'10" bought a medium.

    still properly in love with it!
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  • sobolsobol Posts: 33
    516 2012 had a problem with shock where it was really easy to blow through the travel and back end was hitting seatpost frame. It could be partially addressed by having 250psi, but small bump sensitivity was completely gone.
    Is it still the case? Also are the stock wheels feeling flexy?

    I used to have sorted 316 2011 and now thinking of either 516 2013 or Meta SX 2013 ( they both available at the same price to me ) and I feel bit puzzled.
    Lapierre Spicy 316 2011, No lockout, 2x9 gears
  • M1llh0useM1llh0use Posts: 863
    The 'stock' wheels were taken straight off and crossmax st's fitted so can't say.

    As far as the shock goes I've used the fox ird app to set up sag etc and it seems fine, not done any massive drops (up to about 3ft to transition) and performs very nicely.
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  • sobolsobol Posts: 33
    I've made small upgrades to my 516 2013 , Rubber Queen 2.2 UST both front and back plus the bash guard.

    I took it to Swinley Today and rode on red route and in the gully.
    I must say I'm very impressed with how much more flickable it is compared to my previous 316 2011.
    I think that 1,5kg weight is making miracles.

    Note on front fork dive, I couldn't feel any neither in descent or trail mode.

    Very happy with the purchase. I only wish I could afford carbon version.

    My ride:
    Lapierre Spicy 316 2011, No lockout, 2x9 gears
  • Grovsie29Grovsie29 Posts: 116
    That looks proper sexy. Love it.
  • Very nice, looking to get one of these myself

    @sobol - what size frame is that? Is it a large?

  • sobolsobol Posts: 33
    Hey, yeah mine is Large.
    Lapierre Spicy 316 2011, No lockout, 2x9 gears
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