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Carbon or Alluminium frame?

greggbakergreggbaker Posts: 55
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Hi, currently ride a BTWIN Sport 1 and its helped me get back into cycling which i'm loving. Like the feel of the bike. Finished paying off my cyclescheme hybrid (which i take out when cycling with the kids) so can order again. Plan is to use my current road bike for winter/turbo training (when i buy a turbo in the new year) and want to treat myself to a new bike to help get fitter and increase my mileage. I've no plans to race but like the idea of sportives etc to increase my miles whilst still riding on my own. As it's a cyclescheme purchase i can go up to £1k. I have looked around and read reviews and i'm stuck between 2 choices. The first is the BTWIN Facet 5 which is carbon framed with a 105 groupset at £999.99. There are no reviews around but it's clear that you get a lot for your money and that the few people who have bought one are very pleased when writing in various forums about the bike. My other choice is a Cannondale CAAD8 which needs no introduction I'm sure. I've read good and bad things about carbon bikes and was hoping for some views or experiences about the bikes mentioned or alternatives. I want the bike to be more comfortable than racey.
Cheers Gregg.


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Don't worry about frame material, just get the bike that you like the look/feel of best out of the two.
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  • Well, I was in the market at the same price point and tried out a lot of different bikes, but then a friend was selling his Bianchi Infinito (full carbon) and boy did I fall in love straight away. I've found the carbon frame is more forgiving and I suspect more comfortable as a result - although Bianchi do make the infinito as it's coast2coast bike for comfort rather than out and out racing. Needless to say I bought it off him rather than going new.

    That was just my experience, and in no way a comment across the board. Got to be a case of trying a few out and trying to see what suits.
  • I love my CAAD very comfy, i did 120 miles on it a couple of months ago and felt no pain the following day :D but yeh get the one you like the look of/feel of
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