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TeapotMotorbikeTeapotMotorbike Posts: 5
edited December 2012 in Commuting general
Posted earlier in the stolen section. I've had both my bikes stolen.
I'm trying to shop on line for a replacement - easy, I've found the bike but of course it doesn't have pedals, or the same seat or the same tyres, or the lights or the saddlebag with my spares and tools, no water bottle or cage or lights or pump.

Must be something else I've missed off the list. I don't even know what size tyres to buy the spare inner tubes or replacement tyres for off roading.

What does everyone have / use and what are good off road tyres for a Specialized tricross? Not mtb tyres, just for tracks, mud, water, stones but no big holes etc - well only those you find on the roads.
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