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cx tyres for mud?

sophie ddgsophie ddg Posts: 4
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I have just ordered a new bike via the cycle to work scheme; I've had a hybrid workhorse for about ten years and wanted something that's a bit more fun to ride, and a bit better on the road, with bigger wheels - and also needs to be able to cope with the couple of miles of mud in the winter and grit/dust/gravel that I put it through every day on towpaths; so I've gone with a Giant tcx 2, which has Giant P SLX2 tyres, which don't look fantastic for mud and muddy puddles.

I'd be really grateful for any recommendations - it's going to take me a while to get used to the handlebars and I don't want to be scared about traction as well!

thanks so much,


  • Welcome to the forum Sophie - Iv always been a fan of maxxis and kenda cx tyres - the kenda small blocks look nice for commuting through the rougher stuff! Hope this is of some use :)
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  • thank you! I *think* that the previous tcx model came with kenda tyres... I'd looked at the snall blocks but wondered if they'd clog; maxxis do something called the "mud wrestler" as well as the raze - nice to hear them recommended, thank you.
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    I have some Schwalbe racing ralphs - never used them, stuck on some Marathon + and off i went (although I now have a spare set of wheels with the ralphs on that i am planning on testing out over the Holiday period.

    You could probably get away with some semi -slicks
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  • I also have maxxis raze and i love them :)
    2013 - Whyte Saxon Cross,
    2009 Giant CRS 0,
    2009 - Specialized Rockhopper Comp,
  • Vittora Cross Evo XMs are the tyres I've got ready for snow riding

    folding tyres and pretty lightweight. I didn't realise that they were Pro level! I gave a mate of mine a pair. censored .
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  • Thank you all - very much appreciated. I will try the exiting tyres, then look at some maxxis :D
  • The Kenda Small Block 8s came as stock tyres on my Pinnacle. I have to say they are pretty good tyres. If the going gets really slimy and boggy they can clog, but for gravel/towpaths etc they cope really well. I've even ridden them on the beach and shingle/mud at low tide (taking a "short-cut" with the Missus navigating. That was a day out, I can tell you :roll: )
    They are also surprisingly good on the road. After about 12 months and 3000 miles I swapped the front and back over and there is plenty of life left. For mixed riding I'd recommend them.
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