Shimano Ultegra/Dura Ace compatability

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I've done a bit of research. But it's all very confusing as there are many conflicting views which are a little outdated.

So my question is.

Will this combination work:

6700 Shifters, 7800 rear derailleur, 7900 front mech, 7800 chainset, 7900 chain + cassette.

I've heard that the 7900 front mech has no trim, does that mean it won't work unless you use 7900 shifters? :?



  • smidsy
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    Chainset, chain, cassette and rear mech are all basically interchangeable.

    Shifters can often be slightly off with some brakes due to different cable pull characteristics (but normally fine).

    Not sure about front mech trim issue but even if you mate it with the corresponding shifter that does not alter that so should be fine.

    PS: this would be better in workshop.
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  • Ah, thank you for clearing that up.

    Sorry about the wrong section. :oops:
  • unixnerd
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    I think you'd be fine with that lot.

    I have 6700 and 7800 shifters. The 6700s have hidden cables, looks nice but the gear change isn't as crisp. The 7800 shifters are a lot smaller when you're on the hoods, I find the 6700s comfier. I think the 7800 shifters look a lot better. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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