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Also, Is it me or is James Corden a tw4t

willhubwillhub Posts: 821
edited December 2012 in The bottom bracket
I always remember he proper dissed Patrick Stewart, and no one disses the captain of the Starship Enterprise.


  • You're right, not only is he a tw4t but a f4t tw4t - t4ke th4t corden.
    The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns
    momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself.
  • ad_snowad_snow Posts: 469
    In that scenario Patrick Stewart was the tw4t. I like James. I like his honesty and his work ethic, top guy IMO.
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    There's a theme here...
  • pinnopinno Posts: 47,757
    Pointless citing James Corden as a tw4t. After all it is without question. He is undeniably a censored and should be forklifted into the botomless twatochasm, never to be seen again. I can imagine:

    Hello hello hello hello

    Its me Its me Its me Its me

    Help Help Help Help

    Is there anybody there there there there
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • BwganBwgan Posts: 389
    Just been at my folks for tea and his show was on, just not funny, so a big yes in my book!
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