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Looking to press my son's Kenisis Crosslight(built up as a flat bar hybrid) into some off road riding. Wondering what would be a good set of tyres to fit. Not looking to spend a lot, £10-15 a tyre and the terrain isn't going to be too testing. A mixture of pathways and forest tracks. Also sizing, there is plenty of clearance but don't want to end up with a tractor so would 30-32mm be a good idea?


  • jordan_217
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    Schwalbe CX Pro's. I have 700x30mm fitted and they're a good all round tyre with good levels of grip in the mud but also shed mud quite quickly too. They are also fine on tarmac, rolling pretty well. I'd defo buy another pair. I've seen them for £15 on a few sites. Try Amazon and J E James.

    From experince, avoid Conti Speedking cross'. Terribly in the wet mud and awful puncture protection.
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    Schwalbe Marathon plus, putting them on my cross bike if santa brings them
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    If only riding trails, go for a treaded touring tyre or a semi slick hybrid tyre. Most CX tyres have little puncture protection so less suited for general riding. I have a pair of WTB semi-slick hybrid tyres I bought for £8 that have traversed the Southdowns Way a couple of times.
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