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A day off work today.

Woke to a very bright and sunny day. All loks good for a leisurely cycle ride on my new bike (just the 2 outings so far which were more short test rides!)
Checking the car I noticed it was frozen over. The roads were white and there was sheet ice at the bottom of my drive.

Well, that was the leisurely ride out then. It's absolutely freezing outside and in my opinion way too risky for a bike ride.
Spared a thought for the poor commuters who ride to work as a necessity. Ride carefully guys, it's bloody dangerous out their for 2 wheels.

Anybody rise to the challenge and rode out today?


  • the main roads are well gritted here. i walk out of the street and then jump on the bike.
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    Tried my MTB on my driveway today - couldn't even get moving! It's rather icy out there...

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  • Not a chance here, the trees are being blown sideways. Shame really as it's blue skies and dry roads.
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    Yep, nice and dry here in Bude, but it's blowing a gale!! :(
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    I was fine on the road (actually, in Leeds it was a bit warmer than yesterday with the puddles liquid rather than solid!) but at one point, I stopped adjacent the kerb and unclipped me left foot onto the kerb and it was a little bit glassy. Roads fine, pavements worrying......
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  • TakeTurns
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    It snowed slightly here. :shock:
  • TakeTurns wrote:
    It snowed slightly here. :shock:
    I missed that!

    I looked out of the window at 7.30, it looked lovely, just getting light, roads not too wet. So at 8 I had all the gear on, just a couple of spots of, wait for it, it's bloody raining!!

    Peed down for long enough to completely rule out anything, rule 9 or no rule 9.

    Lunchtime - sunny so I went out. A very slow, windy 15 miles - first significant ride for a fortnight. Fitness rubbish but at least the damn cold is gone.
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  • Lots of rain last night melted most of the remaining ice around here so has made for good (although wet) riding.

    Good to get out again though
  • The commute (for what it is) was steady. My ride this afternoon I encountered some icy bits but the most frightening was the low sun which left me feeling most vulnerable and I was glad to get home safe.
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