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bwstokiebwstokie Posts: 115
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Hi there

Been out of action for a few months following a big crash and am looking at getting at this weekend to start to get rid of some of this excess blubber that's krept up on me.

I know there's tree felling and the like going on up at Cannock and some of it is shut as a result. Does anyone know how much of the official routes, in mileage terms, are closed? I don't fancy going if there's too much shut and would probably opt for Llandegla instead if there is.



  • Alan PAlan P Posts: 127
    According to my Garmin there's about 2km of it closed on the Monkey (nothing closed on the Dog as far as I'm aware). It's the section after the first climb and drop on the Monkey where you cross a fire road after a rock drop and go over a short section of north shore. It's closed all the way to the beginning of the section with the rock gardnes init so a fair bit cut out, but it's still a good ride out and if you feel that robbed, just go back up the fire road after lower cliff and do the two cliff runs again :)
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  • LowrideLowride Posts: 214
    We went two days ago (saturday) and there was only one section on the Monkey closed, we were diverted up a fairly long, uphill fire road. Usually we would drive the extra hour to Llandegla but hit Cannock and it was a really good day, got plastered in mud but that's part of the fun!
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  • naffanaffa Posts: 126
    Been up to Cannock today and although I didn't ride FTD I did notice tha tthe section which runs upto / parallel with Marquis Drive is closed and a diversion is signposted.
    Cheers Nathan.
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