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Scott S30 or Specliazed Allez Sport

surfatworksurfatwork Posts: 82
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Hi, I am a beginner and looking to buy a roadbike. Here is what I need the bike for
1. get used to riding a road bike (I have only ridden MTBs and hybrids, never one with a drop bar)
2. train for long distance and long duration cycling
3. ideally use the same bike for my London-Paris charity ride

I think I would prefer to buy a second hand road bike in good condition, may be sub £400. If it is a decent frame, then maybe I could upgrade some of the components (if necessary) for the Paris ride.....that's what I am thinking. Or maybe I could sell the second hand bike when I become a better rider and invest a little more then.

So I have my eye on 2 used bikes.
1. 2012 Specialized Allez Sport for £375
2. 2011 Scott S30 for £325

Which one would you recommend?
2011 Scott S30
2004 Trek 4500
2009 Trek 7.1


  • hubcaphubcap Posts: 163
    Do you know what groupset and wheels the bikes have got on them?

    As far as the actual frames go there probably isn't much in it, you could check out the geometry of the frames on the manufacturers websites and see how they compare.
  • The Scott has the following:
    Mavic Aksiums with Vittoria Diamante Pro tyres
    inner front chainring to 26T and rear cassette to 12-32

    The Specialized Allez has DT Axis 1.0 (front and rear), and Shimano HG-50 12-27 and 50/34

    None of that makes much sense to me at the moment, tbh :-)
    2011 Scott S30
    2004 Trek 4500
    2009 Trek 7.1
  • hubcaphubcap Posts: 163
    Okay, according to the specs I can find online the Scott comes with Shimano Tiagra shifters and front mech and a Shimano 105 rear mech. The Specialized comes with Shimano Sora. Out of the two the gears on the Scott are superior, in particular the Tiagra shifters are different from the Sora ones in the respect that they shift like all the other Shimano road shifters i.e. you use the gear and brake levers to change up and down - Sora uses a thumb button for one of the shifts.

    The Mavic Aksium wheelset on the Scott would also probably be better than the ones fitted to the Specialized.

    If it were my money, assumnig that the condition of both bikes was similar, I would get the Scott without a doubt.

    Besides....everyone else rides a specialized ;-)
  • got the Scott. love it. didnt expect it to be so light - feels featherweight after my old MTB
    2011 Scott S30
    2004 Trek 4500
    2009 Trek 7.1
  • hubcaphubcap Posts: 163
    yeah they're pretty good bikes, enjoy it....and be careful on the ice!!
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