FSA Vero Compatible BB

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Quick question, will a FSA Vero crankset fit my Shimano BB-UN25 bottom bracket?



  • Think these are JIS square taper which is different to your UN25 square taper - so it will affect how far the cranks go on and may affect the chainline. They look the same on first glance but when you look more closely the depth/width of the taper is different. Be better to get matching bb
  • Sjef
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    FSA Vero and the Shimano UN25 or the higher quality UN53-55 bottom brackets are a perfect match, as both are JIS (Japan Industry Standard) and thus square tapers. Maringirl confuses JIS with ISO tapers, like Campa and Miche used to use. These standards are not compatible as the ISO is of a smaller section than JIS, though both have a 2º taper.
  • wilky27
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    Thanks Sjef!! (and maringirl)
  • I'm using an FSA Vero chainset and Shimano BB, they are fine together. I did initially have some issues with the left crank coming loose but that was my fault for not putting enough torque on the bolts, no problem with the components. Once done up good and tight I've had no problems.