Schwalbe Lugano, filthiest dirtiest tyres ive ever owned

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My Caad 8 came with luganos fitted stock, ive always ridden continental ultra gatorskins and even in dirty conditions the bike never got that filthy. I left the luganos on until today when I fitted 2 nice new gatorskins and only then I noticed the max pressure for the luganos is a poxy 85psi :shock: , whereas for the conti`s its a much more useable 110 psi. Aside from that, every time I rode with the luganos on the bike , the bike was absolutely filthy and ive never washed a bike so often. The tread on the luganos must just fire dirt everywhere and ive had to literally wipe off dirt and grime that came off in copious amounts from every nook and cranny. Ive hung the luganos on hooks in the garage to be used as a tyre of last resort, im not impressed with them at all and looking forward to eating up the miles using the conti`s. Anybody else ever used lugano`s and did you like them or not ?
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  • dreadfull and both buckled and literally blew up on me but i have just realised why, 85psi???? whoops went head on to my usual 115 and thought they did not last long. Terrible tyres i think but very cheap so you get what you pay for. I only use gp4000 s now.
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    Luganos are a pile of shit. I went on holiday to Nice and whilst descending mountains very slowly on a wet day my rear wheel slipped out loads of times. Once into the path of an oncoming van whose driver luckily spotted me and braked. Now, I'd expect it to happen if I was really caning it around each bend, or even going at 'normal' speed, but considering I slowed right down to about 8mph it is ridiculous.
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    I found them a bit draggy, I find the grip is adequate, but not as good as my gp4000s. I keep them on my training wheels, no point in chucking them.
    I've not had any problems with pumping them to required pressures and they've been p*nct$re free for nearly 3000k and over some pretty rough roads too.
    I won't buy them again, but I've had my moneys worth.
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    Raffles wrote:
    I left the luganos on until today when I fitted 2 nice new gatorskins and only then I noticed the max pressure for the luganos is a poxy 85psi :shock: , whereas for the conti`s its a much more useable 110 psi.

    Check you ratings too. Mine (23s) are MIN 85 psi and MAX 110 psi.
  • I've run mine between 110 and 120 and had no problems at all
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    I've had them on my CAAD10 from stock, though did very seriously consider swapping them for Michlin Krylions at LBS because the reviews were so and so - I wanted something which would have good puncture resistance.

    Anyway, I stuck with them and now done almost 1,500 miles since March and not had a single puncture; however the rear tyre is pretty much a slick, so need to get these changed pretty quickly.

    On the other hand, I'm actually looking for a turbo so I can stay indoors for the next 6 - 8 weeks and might run the Lugano's to the ground on it before changing it.

    On the dirty bit note, not really noticed but then again I mainly ride in the dry but on one the occasion I did go out in the wet, the tyres were filthy, so the OP may have a point or maybe any tyre that day would have looked like crap :)
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    I use these in the winter and find for the price I've had no major issues. Went out with my Dad last weekend who'd just fitted some Conti GP4000s and he had two punctures and I finished the ride puncture free.

    No problem getting them up to 110psi, but do normally check them before each ride. I think for the price point they meet all my expectations, no complaints here
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    :shock: I had 3 delaminate on my holiday in the Austrian Alps, inducing blowouts at speed. Air temperatures were around 30C and road temps must have been a lot higher, so this may have played a part, but still shouldn't happen. Schwalbe replaced them all with a kevlar version plus three tubes without question, I suspect they were faulty. I have the new tyres, but switched to Conti Grand Prix 700x24's as Cyclesurgery was doing them for £18 - they are a much better ride.
  • I love the Luganos. Great value tyre I reckon. I went from Gatorskins to Luganos. Gatorskins are a terrible tyre in the wet IMO.