Raleigh Team Sprint good?

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hello was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this bike Raleigh Team Sprint


  • MattyyP
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    Doesn't look too bad to me... Seems a bit on the heavy side though, however if it's your first road bike weight probably isn't a massive issue.

    However it's you that has to ride it, I reckon you should go down to somebody that stocks it and have a test ride :) Have you looked at the Triban 3 from Decathlon? That is regarded as one of the best value sub £400 bikes on the market...

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  • MattyyP wrote:
    weight probably isn't a massive issue.

    It isn't a 'massive' issue to anyone, but to the majority of cyclists it moreorless doesn't matter at all. ;)

    But the Triban is one of a few viable options. On paper these cheap alloy bikes are all very similar (if not basically the same), so just focus on what's most important anyway: whether or not you like it. Go forth to a bike shop and go knock yourself out. (but make sure you're wearing a helmet)