Winter Rides

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Hi All,
Just wondering how the cold effects conditioning.... as an example, I have a basic ride i do 3 or 4 times a week rain or shine, a ten mile loop that involves a pretty tough hill twice. I've really noticed my times get slower (particularly the climbs) and it feels much tougher since the clocks went back... do you think this is just psycological or does the colder weather make it harder work on the muscles? Just interested to see if other experiance the same.


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    I notice the same..... with a little searching, i found information, on the fact that cold weather does restrict muscle effectiveness as when cold they aren't as supple.... it certainly takes me longer to get into gear in winter. I reccomend some tights.. preferbly not your mrs's .......
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    Agreed it seems more difficult riding in colder conditions. Straightforward exertion e.g. churning up fireroad climbs and that sort of thing doesn't actually feel too bad but although I don't feel cold I'm aware that it is cold and subconsciously I'm not very relaxed.

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