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how much for my sirrus

garethjohngarethjohn Posts: 165
edited December 2012 in Road buying advice
Thinking about selling my Spesh Sirrus Expert 2009 to fund a build. Been well used with the usual marks so how much could I expect to get?


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,735
    As much as someone is prepared to pay would be my stock answer, however suggest you look on Ebay and look at completed listings. Suggest whatever way you dispose of the bike that you make sure it looks good and everythings works as it should so who ever buy's it can't knock you down on price. I'm currently looking at selling my standard 2011 sirrus for around £250 if i decide to sell. Bike prices have been quite high recently due to the Wiggo effect. Either way hope you get a good price for it.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Dont see many for sale, may put it up for around £300 and see what happens. That should cover a new winter frame set hopefully.
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