New to cycling - Is this how to slipstream?

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I'm yet to ride more than solo is this how it is done?


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    Yeahh... But I wouldn't do it behind a truck lol! Find somebody else to cycle with and do it with them :) You'll know when it's going right, but make sure to take it in turns at the front, else one of you will be shattered whilst the other is having a holiday sat behind! lol!

    It takes some practice though as you have to be pretty close to the guy in front, communication is key though (shout when braking/pot holes etc).
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  • Sorry I forgot to put a :P on that post.

    I am a solo rider and not yet got much time to cycle in groups. When the time comes I'll get my head around it, might practice like this guy though, seems an easy way of travelling. :lol:
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    Well make sure you do get some practice. Don't do what I did!

    I started cycling in late 2010 and signed up for the Etape Caledonia in 2011. As it came closer I told people on here I was away to join a closed road sportive with 5000 other people and had never cycled in a group before. They were pretty dismayed and suggested I do something about it before the big day. So I contacted a club and asked if I could join the club ride as a trial. I was made very welcome - went along to give it a go, and there were 3 of us!

    So I did the EC, having only ever ridden solo apart from one time with two other people. Nevertheless I absolutely loved it and got round the course on pure adrenaline!
  • i was looking at doing next years etape until i realised they charge 63 quid and not 1 penny of it goes to the charity they are supporting. WTF!!
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    My drafting tip is to ride slightly offset behind the person. It takes a bit of benefit away but does let you see the potholes coming. Or move to a country that actually spends money on roads and then you can draft properly.....
  • Seeing the guy behind the truck reminded me when I use to own a Citroen 2cv they had a 602cc twin aircooled engine.
    While driving in France I noticed that any lorry on the autoroute had a 2cv almost glued to its back bumper.
    The buggers were slipstreaming the lorry, gave it a try.
    You could almost lift your foot off the accelerator pedal and just get sucked along............
    Yes it wasn't the safest thing to do and I wouldn't recommend it, in fact my concentration levels were so intense whilst doing it could only keep it up for 15 minutes before having a break.
    When ready for it again, jump into the slipstream of another lorry.
    Also saved money on petrol as well!